Lola Monroe Plastic Surgery

Lola Monroe Plastic Surgery

25-year old LoLa Monroe (born Fershgenet Melaku), the former video vixen and now rapper and hip hop artist of Ethiopian descent, has transformed herself over the years, particularly by using plastic surgery breast implants and butt implants.

Lola Monroe Breast Implants

Lola Monroe Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Formerly Lola Luv, Lola Monroe, who started her career as a Video Vixen, is now the First lady of Wiz Khalifa’s “Taylor Gang.”

Lola Monroe Butt Implants

Lola Monroe Plastic Surgery Buttock Implants

It looks like Lola Monroe had buttocks augmentation and most likely with a technique known as a Brazilian Buttlift, which creates a very full and round buttocks.

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