Hilary Swank Workout and Diet

Hilary Swank Workout and Diet

37-year old Hilary Swank literally works her butt off. The “Million Dollar Baby” star, is a workout buff who just doesn’t exercise, but has a set workout routine that is the envy of most women. Like they say, no pain no gain.

When asked how she stays fit, this is how Hilary replied: “I exercise as much as I can. I also try to eat all the right things – even though I love eating all the wrong things, like gumbo!”

Today, she exercises three times a week. She further added: “I don’t do it as often as I should.”

Hilary Swank Weight Loss Routine

Hilary Swank Weight Loss Routine

Hilary on her Diet

Hilary Swank has tried many different diets throughout the past but now she’s sticking to the one she knows: the Macrobiotic Diet which is based on choosing foods that are less processed and more natural, and employing more traditional methods of cooking. This is a different diet than all the rest because it is basically just eating healthy.

The Macrobiotic Diet is excellent for anyone wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, eating right, and exercising. It’s not one of those ‘starve yourself’ diets, but rather a good approach to healthy eating.

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