Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

44-year old Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas were reported to be perched atop a giant pair of boots right on the beach in Nice promoting their upcoming animated flick, “Puss in Boots,” after screening clips of their still-in-production Shrek spinoff. One thing that is clear is that she is showing her obvious boob job.

Salma Hayek Before Breast Implants

Salma Hayek Before Breast Implants

Her breast size increase came courtesy of plastic surgery, and as usual she flaunts it by wearing clothes that shows her breasts busting out of her dress. Trust me, if I had large breasts like hers, I would definitely flaunt it. After all they are not cheap.

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