I thought I should highlight some products that may help nursing students and nurse educators, as well as new medical-related tools out there.

Viki Chaudrue is a clinical instructor for nursing students; she’s the one who takes would-be nurses into a hospital setting for the very first time. With 24 years experience as an RN, the last 10 of them in an Emergency Room, Viki has a great deal of knowledge to impart. Invigorated by the enthusiasm and idealism of her students, Viki is known for her charisma and is highly regarded by her peers.

Teaching in a clinical setting is far different from teaching in a classroom. While her students refer to their textbooks, Viki does not always teach from a text—she mostly teaches from the real life events that occur every day in the hospital. Viki wears many hats, including teacher, mentor, counselor, big sister, tutor, disciplinarian, and instigator. At the end of each clinical shift, she spends time with her students in post-conference, going over the events of the day: what went well, what didn’t go well, and what do her students need to learn.

Early on, Viki recognized that many of her students were having difficulty memorizing mathematical conversions and medical abbreviations which are used in every day medical documentation. Nursing students that can’t convert grams to milligrams or recognize acronyms such as QHS and BID are going to have problems administering medication. For more information visit www.medicalmemorycards.com

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