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George Clooney’s Gets Married!

George-Clooney-Amal-Clooney-Wedding-holding-handsMonday September 29, 2014 – Its official Mr. George Clooney is off the market. On Saturday, Clooney married Amal Alamuddin in a very private and intimate setting in Venice, Italy after the sunset

Who is Amal Alamuddin? Well she is not anything like Clooney passed romances. Ms. Alamuddin, 36, is one of four siblings, is of Lebanese descent and live in London. She is a human rights activist, author, and is a lawyer working for the Doughty Street Chambers. All her co-workers and close friends have nothing but nice things to say about her. There’s not doubt that she is a beautiful and intelligent women. Definitely a perfect fit for the also very handsome and career driven actor.

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Amber Rose Confirms Divorce To Wiz Khalifa

wiz-khalifa-amber-rose-divorceWednesday, September 25, 2014 – On the outside, model-actress, Amber rose and rapper Wiz Khalifa seems to have the celebrity fairy tale love story, but this one ended with a unexpected twist. On Tuesday Sept. 24, Rose filed for divorced from Khalifa claiming irreconcilable differences leaving everyone wondering what happen between the two love birds.

Khalifa, 27, and Rose first got together in early 2011 and became engaged by March 2012. They have a son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, together who was born in February 2013. The couple married on July 8th 2013, the same day they signed a prenuptial agreement.

Rose, 30, wasted no time filing her petition which stated that they only been separated for one day. She is asking for full custody for their son and spousal support “pursuant” to the prenup.

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Robin Thicke’s Love Life and Legal Issues

robin-thicke-performingWednesday, September 17, 2014 – Singer-songwriter Robin Thicke, 37, has been dealing with a lot lately from his separation with actress wife Paula Patton to his lawsuit with the children of the late Marvin Gaye. They claim that Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and Atlanta-based rapper TI plagiarized at lease parts of Marvin Gaye’s 1977 ‘Got to Give It Up.’ in their hit song “Blurred Lines”

At first Robin Thicke denied any allegations but in a deposition obtained Tuesday. “The record would have happened with or without me,” Thicke said in the deposition. “I was just lucky enough to be there when he wrote it.” Thicke claims that he was too high on Vicodin and alcohol to write the hit song, that in fact it was Pharrell Williams who wrote most of the lyrics.

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Kerry Washington Ambassador for Purple Purse Foundation

purple-purse-foundationTuesday, September 16, 2014 – Actress, Kerry Washington speaks out about Domestic Violence in hopes to keep the conversation going and to bring awareness.  Often time we think of abuse as only being physical but, there are many other ways that abuse can take place. Kerry Washington talked about financial abuse.

Financial Abuse can be very subtle and you might not even know that it is happening to you. If a person is telling you what you can and cannot buy or requiring you to share control of your bank accounts, is a form of financial abuse. At no point does someone you are dating have the right to use money or control how you spend it. This is one of the top reasons why victims stay in relationships.

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Miss America 2015 Crowned!

kira-kazntsev-miss-america-talent-2015Monday, September 15, 2014 — For three years in a row the crowned Miss America has been form the city that doesn’t sleep, New York. Sunday night Miss New York Kira Kazantsev was crowned Miss America.

Ms. Kazantsev is originally from California and moved to New York for College. For her talent portion, she sang Pharrell Williams “Happy”. Sitting crossed legged on stage and banging a red plastic cup on the floor, stating she was inspired by the movie “Pitch Perfect”. People quickly took to social media being very critical of her performance.

“The reason why I chose to do that talent is I wanted every single little girl in America to be able to see that you can do that talent — you can do whatever talent you want on national television — even with a red cup — and still be Miss America and have the time of your life,” Kazantsev said. “I literally in that minute and 30 seconds had the most fun I’ve ever had, and that’s because I stayed true to myself and I did what I wanted to do for my talent, no matter what everybody else told me, and it paid off. I’m very happy about it.”

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Remembering 9/11 #NeverForget

remembering-9-11-memorial-in-new-yorkThursday, September 11, 2014 – Thirteen years ago, three planes crashes on U.S soil that killed hundreds. Tragedy struck America when the horrific terrorist attacks took place Sept. 11 2001. It is crazy to image that there are some people that don’t even know the feeling America felt on that day.

Celebrities took to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to pay tribute to the lives and family who were ruined by these attacks.

“Today we remember and honor all the lives + families ruined by the tragedy of 9/11. Practice love in their memory today #WeWillNeverForget” – Lady Gag

“This @911day, please share a message of support for the 9/11 families at  #911day” – Chris Brown

“Visiting the @Sept11Memorial this year was something I’ll never forget, in memory of a day we will always remember with tears in our eyes.” – Taylor Swift

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Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (27) warms up during the NFL's Super Bowl XLVII football practice in New Orleans
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Ray Rice Domestic Violence Video and the Outcome

Ray Rice, Janay PalmerMonday Sept 9. — The world has been talking about the elevator incident between Ray Rice and then fiancé Janay Rice that has been leaving people speechless. Early in the year February, a video surfaced of the Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancé out of an elevator. Since the incident the couple did tie the knot.

Now that the whole video has been released, media and every one seem to have something to say about what happened on that elevator. The video shows them arguing before entering the elevator and it continues well after the doors closes.  Both persist being physical with each other ending with Ray punching Janay in the face knocking her unconscious.

At first the football player was suspended for two games, then 6 games and now indefinitely. The NFL was definitely pressured to make a statement of the issue at hand and they surely did. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell later admitted he screwed up in punishing Rice too lightly and instituted harsher punishments.

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Actress Molly Glynn Dies

joe-foust-and-molly-glynnMonday Sept. 8 — Molly Glynn, 46, died on Saturday after being struck with a tree while riding her bike.

The actress appeared on the television series “Chicago Fire and was very popular stage actress in Chicago. On Friday, Glynn went for a bike ride with husband, Joe Foust, on a trail in Erickson Woods Forest Preserve when a storm knocked a tree right into the actress path.

This has been an unexpected tragedy. A memorial fund has been set by friends to help with the funeral expenses and it has surpassed its original goal! As of today they have raised close to 130,000.

Glynn leaves behind two teenage boys, Chance, 17, and Declan,13. Foust, posting a picture of him wearing her wedding room writes “Wearing the rings myself. Preparing to say final goodbye before she goes off to surgery to donate her organs. I know it’s just a shell now, but I’ve grown used to the comfort of her body here in this room. Be kind. Love hard. Remember.”

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Fran Drescher Marries Shiva Ayyadurai!

fran-drescher-gets-marriedMonday Sept. 8 — The 57-year-old Nanny star took to Twitter to reveal that she and the inventor of email had made it official! “’Surprise!!!!! We got married!” Actress Fran Drescher married her partner of just over a year, Shiva Ayyadurai. Ayyadurai in 1982, copyrighted an electronic interoffice message system he dubbed “EMAIL” — leading to subsequent claims that he is one of the inventors of what we now know as modern email.

The couple met at an event where Ayyadurai spoke and have been going strong for over a year. The couple got married at their beachside home in Malibu, California. Very small and intimate wedding in front of family and friends. Fran wore a red Badgley Mischka gown to honor Ayyadurai Indian Heritage while he wore white.

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Ariana Weight Loss
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Ariana Grande Weight Loss

ariana-grandeTHURSDAY Sept. 5 — Ariana Grande, 21, has been on the scene for quite some time now. Acting in Nickelodeon’s hit TV shows as well as having two number one albums to hit the Billboard charts. Lately she has been in the media regarding her rapid weight loss. Tracking her career it is very apparent that she has lost a lot of weight really fast. Rumors of an eating disordered surface around this time last year and she quickly shot them down with a Tumblr post. “Yes, I lost a bit of weight last year. It’s because I stopped eating junk food and started making healthy choices. I was happy with the way I was before and I’m still happy now! Just healthier! To be honest I never really looked at myself too long in the mirror when I was younger, I just didn’t care. (Which is why some of my red carpet photos are so mortifying). But the lifestyle change I chose to make last August is not and was never about being skinnier. I just wasn’t taking care of myself at all. I was making really poor choices.”

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