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Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss !

melissa-mccarthy-weight-loss-bodyTuesday November 18, 2014 – Melissa McCarthy weight never was an issue to the actress but she decided to live healthy for her family. She showed the world last night how a little diet and exercise kicked start her weight loss journey.

Melissa McCarthy, 44, steeped out yesterday in Los Angeles at an arts events beaming from her recent weight loss. She has reportedly lost 45-50 pounds on just diet and exercise alone.  McCarthy has always been proud of her size. Being a celebrity you can only imagine the kind of pressure that is on her to look a certain way. Long as she been in the business he has kept true to herself. “I’ve never felt like I needed to change. I’ve always thought, ‘If you want somebody different, pick somebody else,'” she tells People. “But sure, criticism can sometimes still get to me. Some things are so malicious, they knock the wind out of you.”

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Reality Star, Diem Brown, Dies at 32

diem-brown-shaved-head Friday November 14, 2014 – After a long battle with cancer, reality MTV star Diem Brown has passed away today at the age of 32.

Diem Brown first hit the television seen in 2006 MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge. From there on, every challenge she competed in she was labeled a strong competitor. She was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 24. That did not stop her! Brown went through weeks of chemotherapy and was in remission.

Brown second battle with the cancer came in 2012 but like the first encounter she was determined to fight. With chemotherapy she was able to fight the disease again. Her third cancer fight came in the summer of this year when she found out the cancer spread to more organs of her body. Brown has been asking for support from her fan via twitter. “Whatever option I have to LIVE I’m grabbing!” she wrote on Tuesday. The reality has always been vocal and honest about her battling with cancer.

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Joan Rivers Family Closer to Getting Answers For Her Death

joan-rivers-and-family Wednesday November 12, 2014 – Joan Rivers family are still looking for answers for the cause of her death in September of this year. The clinic that performed the surgery on the comedian was just reviewed and it is shocking what was found on the case of Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers suffered cardiac arrest during a minor outpatient throat surgery in New York and later died at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital on life support. She was 81.

Now a couple months later the Venter for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal agency, produced a report on the Yorkville Endoscopy, where Joan had her outpatient procedure done. Although her name is not mentioned in the report it matches her age, cause of death, and procedure that was done on that day.

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Kendra Wilkinson Calls It Quits With Husband Hank Baskett

kendra-wilkinson-familyTuesday November 11, 2014 – Kendra Wilkinson officially calls it quits with Husband, Hank Baskett, after the huge cheating scandal.

Not too long ago their relationship was in the media due to a very scandalous affair. Hank Baskett was allegedly cheating on Kendra with a transsexual. A month after their daughter, Aliyah, was born news broke out. It is said that the two met online and formed a relationship later leading to sexual encounter.

Even through all of this Hank Baskett continued to remain silent. Even to Kendra! Watching their reality Tv show “Kendra On Top” Hank still continues to remain silent. Look like Kendra is tired of all the lies and is official calling it quits.

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Myles Monroe, Internationally Renowned Preacher Dead in Plane Crash

dr-myles-munroe-and-ruth-ann-munroe Monday November 10, 2014 – Internationally known preacher Dr. Myles Munroe and wife Ruth Ann Munroe are killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas on Sunday.

Internationally renowned bestselling author, lecturer, teacher, life coach, government consultant, and leadership mentor are just the words to describe Pastor Myles Munroe. He has traveled around the world training leaders in business, government, education, sports, media, and religion. He was the senior pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International Fellowship where is wife, Ruth Ann, served as co-senior pastor. They have two children together, Charisa and Chiro.

On Sunday, the private jet departed Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau, Bahamas at 4:07pm for the Grand Bahama International Airport. The plane crash while trying to make a landing at 5:10pm. It is reported that the jet struck a crane at the Grand Bahama Ship yard, exploding on impact and crashing to the ground near the junkyard cite. The crash killed 9 people on board. It is still not confirmed who was on board the jet.

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Marc Anthony is Engaged!

marc-anthony-and-shannon-de-limaFriday November 7, 2014 – Marc Anthony seems to be giving marriage another change. The singer/songwriter is reportedly engaged to his on and off girlfriend, since 2012, Shannon De Lima.

Anthony, 46, has been married two times before this. His most famous marriages was to the singer/actress Jennifer Lopez. The two have two, twins Max and Emme age 6, children together but Anthony has 4 other children prior. De Lima is also bringing her 7 year old son Daniel into this marriage.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony just finalized their divorce in June although they have been separated since 2011.  Sounds like Lopez was calling their relationship a rebound one in her new book True Love. Describing that Anthony came into the picture at the right time after her and Actor Ben Affleck called of their engagement. “I sought out comfort in another person, tried to find someone who could make me feel loved and wanted in my loneliest hours. And that was the moment when Marc reappeared in my life.” On the other hand Marc seem to have no problem bouncing back from their marriage.

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Janet Jackson Finally Hit the Red Carpet

janet-jackson-AIDS-red-carpet Monday, November 03, 2014 – Janet Jackson is back in the spot light after being away for almost a year! Fans and by standers quickly notice something different.

The last time Janet, 48, walked the red carpet was for an AIDS event in an all-white cut-out white gown. Showing off all her curves and you youthful looking face. The buzz around that appearance two years back in France was how flawless and ageless she always look. That definitely was not the case this time around.

On Sunday, Janet stepped out with husband, Wissam Al Mana, for the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience Gala dinner. Although we didn’t get a chance to see her husband the photos of Janet went viral. It appears that Janet has gotten facial work done that makes her look unrecognizable. At first glance, you would think she was someone else. Recently we reported Renee Zellweger shocked fans with her look and Janet is following suit.janet-jackson-red-carpet

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Tori Spelling's "Uncharted TerriTori" Book Signing at Borders in New York on June 16, 2010
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Tori Spelling Spending Habits are Getting Worse!

John Varvatos 9th Annual Stuart House Benefit Presented By Chrysler - Inside Thursday October 30, 2014 – Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been the talk of town especially since the Season 2 premiere of True Tori on the Lifetime Network.

In most recent episode the couple reveled that they are living paycheck to paycheck. This left viewers in disbelief. You would think that the average person would cut back on their spending to attempt to save money. We all know this would be hard for Ms. Spelling since budgeting is really not n her genes. Growing up to her parents gave her everything. Her father alone was worth 600 million dollars. With access to that much money growing up you can say Tori is used to getting what she wants.

It is reported that the couple sent 81 million dollars over the past year. Spending it on 6 of their children school and who knows what else. Well, we have one idea!

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Kim Kardashian Mobile Tech Conference

Kim-kardashian-white-outfitTuesday October 28, 2014 – Kim Kardashian newest money making project is a shock to her as much as it is to us. Her latest project has been a mobile app that allows you to live in her Hollywood Glam lifestyle. Kim arrived Monday in San Francisco to attend the Recode’s Code Mobile tech conference and speak more about the new additions to the mobile app. We also couldn’t help noticing how stunning she looked!

Kim Kardashian Hollywood launched last summer and the revenue for its success is pouring in. Kardashian is said to make 200 million in her first year off of this mobile app. This is more then she made off of all of her other projects combined last year. I don’t see her walking away from this deal anytime soon. Although to download the app is free it is the in-app purchases that rack u the bucks.

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Red Lipstick is sweeping the Red Carpet!

Monday October 27, 2014 – Red lipstick can make a very bold statement to compete your look. We look at some celebrities completing their looks using red lipstick before they take that walk on the red carpet.

2014 Angel Ball - ArrivalsFirst up in Tina Knowles! Mother to Beyoncé, stylist, and fashion designer, she definitely has an eye for what looks good on a women. She showed up to this year’s Angel Ball showing us how to work a red lipstick. Not only does the red lipstick looks good so does her skin. Besides her red lipstick, her overall makeup looks very simple. To match the look her hair had a few curls falling alongside her face which brought the whole look together. Ms. Knowles looks much younger than 60, but she wears her age very well!


American Cinematheque 28th Annual Award Presentation To Matthew McConaughey 2014 - Arrivals

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