MyDocHub Partners have saved consumers over $81 million in healthcare costs due to errors and inefficiencies.

Our Services

Medical Bill Review

Get your medical bills reviewed for overcharging, duplicated costs, wrong encoding and more.

Provider Fee Negotiation

Get issues with your health insurance such as high deductibles and costly co-insurances tackled.

Insurance Denials & Appeals

Get assistance in clearing up confusion between insurance holder and healthcare company.

Disease Management

Get help managing disease, diagnosis research, coordinating care and handling all your medical needs.

Assisted Living Coordination

Get support for you and your loved ones in an evaluation of optimum living situations when assistance is needed.

Nursing Home Research

Get help finding the best nursing home facility that correlates with the patient needs.

Health Plan Evaluation

Get help creating a plan for your family which includes health insurance, living will and more.

Disability & Medicaid Eligibility

Get assistance with the lengthy and tedious application process to Medicare and Medicaid.

Aid & Assistance

Find aid and assistance for our Veterans and others who may be eligible.

What MyDocHub Patient Advocates Can Do for You

  • Remove obstacles that impact care outcomes

  • Contain costs

  • Find needed resources


  • Medical/Navigational Assistance

    Disease Management

    “Joanne helped me decide which hospital to go to for treatment and how best to shoulder the costs of chemotherapy and other services.” - Elizabeth K.

  • Medical/Navigational Assistance

    Assisted Living Coordination

    “My elderly mom lives in Florida, and living in New York, I was looking for someone to help my elderly mom with going to doctors’ offices, medication management and finding a good home health service, and Mary was able to do that. Her services were very professional and she is trustworthy and extremely helpful.” – Nancy M.

  • Medical/Navigational Assistance

    Medical Bill Review

    “James helped me go through my hospital bill, and negotiated with the hospital to bring the bill down. He was able to cut my hospital bill by over 40%, saving me thousands of dollars.” – Mike R.

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